Hosting an EBKC Dog Show

Persons interested in hosting & organising an EBKC licensed dog show in their city or country are invited to submit their applications to the EBKC Shows and Events Department. A list of requirements are necessary to qualify for hosting an EBKC licensed dog show. All licensed shows shall be advertised on the EBKC Website and on all EBKC Social media channels. This will help the organiser promote their show successfully. EBKC also offers complete show management, for more information kindly contact the EBKC shows Department on email

Show Host Requirements:

Venue / Location

  • – Provide an adequate venue & location to host the dog show and ensure that the venue is safe for dogs and persons.
  • – If the venue is not covered by an insurance policy, insurance must be purchased for your event as it is required and provide a document proof to the EBKC.
  • – Ensure that any permits from the local authorities or City Councils are at hand to avoid abrupt cancellation of event by local government authorities.

Dog Show Organisation Requirements 

  • – Contact the Judge/ or representative  to go over the EBKC Dog Show hosting agreement.
  • – Appoint a person in charge of handling the paper work at the dog show.
  • – Appoint a person in charge of managing the show rings as ‘Ring Steward’.
  • – Hire Judges and Representatives licensed by the EBKC.
  • – Ensure that all dogs attending the event are registered or are to be registered with the EBKC.
  • – Make use of of the EBKC branded rosettes & prizes. ( contact the EBKC office for more info.)
  • – All show results and judges reports must be sent to the club within 30 days after the dog show.
  • – Make sure that proper show ring areas are setup for the Dog Show.
  • – Only Dog Breeds recognised by the European Bully Kennel Club are allowed to attend the show.
  • – All dogs registering for the event must be properly registered and measured.
  • – Accept only breeds recognised by the EBKC.

All applications shall be kept in strict confidence and shall be subject to approval by the club administration. Calendar dates of new event applications shall  be subject to the proposed event date does
not conflict with another EBKC licensed event in the same country.

For more information on hosting an EBKC licensed event, kindly contact us on email :