Show Classes & Points

Competition Class & Win

  • Must have a minimum of two (2) dogs in a class or variety.
  • Must win Best Female/ Male competing against one (1) or more dogs of your breed to get competition win.
  • In the event you receive a Best in Breed without any other class dogs, you must win at least Reserve Best in Show to earn ‘competition points’.
  • Dogs can only compete in one class per show (Exceptions- dog is being handled in Junior Handler Competition and/or participating in Weight Pull Competition and/or Sporting Events.)

Conformation Points:
1st Place: 10 points
Best Male/Best Female: 20 points
Best Overall (Breeds without varieties): 20 points
Best of Male/Female
(Breeds with varieties): 20 Points
Best of Variety: 10 Points
Best of Winners:
10 Points
Best in Breed: (10 Points for EBKC Top 10 Dogs List)
Best in Show: (10 Points for EBKC Top 10 Dogs List)

Age Groups:

  • Pre‐Novice- 3‐6 months (no points)
  • Novice – 6‐9 months
  • Puppy – 9‐12 months
  • Junior – 1‐2 years ( Variety Classes start from here onwards)
  • Adult – 2‐3 years
  • Senior – 3 & up

EBKC Championship Requirements

• A total of 150 points is required for an EBKC Conformation Championship title.
• A dog must earn at least three major wins under two different judges as Best Male/Female of Variety (2 dogs or more constitutes competition)
• Dog must have attained all required points and majors under three different judges.
• Reserve Male/Female will be awarded points and major if winner is found not to be eligible for win.
• Examples: If your dog is in the 1-2 year class and you had at least 1 dog to compete against then 10 points will be awarded to winner. (If there are no others dogs in class, no points are awarded).
– If a dog has at least 1 other male/female to compete with for Best Male or Best Female in the variety then winner will receive 20 points and a major.(If there are no other males, no points nor major is awarded).
– If a dog competes against another dog for Best of Variety then winner is awarded 10 points (If there are no other varieties to compete against, no points are awarded).
– If a dog is a Variety winner then it will compete for Best of Winners (all of the Variety winners (Standard, Pocket, and XL) if a dog will win this it will achieve 10 points.

• Total of 50 points and one (1) major earned in one show.

Types of EBKC Sanctioned Dog Shows

Multi-breed shows: offer competitions for over more than 1 breed  and varieties of dogs recognized by the EBKC.

Specialty shows :are restricted to dogs of a specific breed or to varieties/type of one breed. For example, The American Bully: Standard, Pocket,  Extreme, Classic and XL Variety, American Pit Bull Terrier; Classic and Standard type, and American Bulldog;Classic and Standard type.

Which Dogs may participate:

To be eligible to compete, a dog must:

  • be individually registered with the European Bully Kennel Club.
  • be 3 months of age or older.
  • be a breed for which classes are offered at a show.
  • meet any eligibility requirements in the written standard for its breed.