Canine DNA Services


The EBKC is proud to announce that it will be officially offering a comprehensive set of voluntary and mandatory services to ensure the integrity of the registry EBKC:

  • Voluntary DNA Profiling
  • Frequently Used Sires requirement (the dogs that sire more than 3 litters)
  • Requirement Semen Fresh-Extended/Frozen
  • Registration Policy Litter Multiple-choice
  • Import players requirement
  • Kennel Inspection / Audit Compliance Program

EBKC collaborating with certified and accredited

The European Kennel Club has chosen International Labora
BIODNA Ltd is a biotechnology company providing ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing certified.

Apart from that MLSBioDNA ltd has obtained GMP certification by the Authority of Malta medicine for microbiological testing of pharmaceutical following protocols water, according to the European Pharmacopoeia.

BioDNA holding a GMP and ISO accreditation prides itself in providing a high quality service to customers both local and international. For this reason, in order to continuously ensure the highest quality, MLSBioDNA participate in collaborative testing routine by Collaborative Testing Services Inc., and fitness tests CAP.

How it will work

The owner of a dog can contact EBKC for a DNA test kit, which includes a buffer that the owner used to collect cells from inside the cheek loose dog. A DNA profile containing the information of the dog registration, genotype, and a number of unique DNA profile is issued for each dog. This issue of the DNA profile will appear certificates issued thereafter and pedigree.

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