The European Bully Kennel Club is an international dog registry, which was founded in 2008
and registers and certifies various breeds of dogs in more than 50 European Countries within
and nearby Countries.

Our Mission

The European Bully Kennel Club’s mission is to promote, register, certify, show, award and
defend the bull breed dogs.


  • – Dog Registration
  • – Puppy Litter Registration
  • – DNA Profiling, Analysis and certification services.
  • – Support and legal consultation against breed specific legislation in all countries.
  • – Bull Breed Education & information
  • – Sanctioned Dog Shows & Events
  • – Canine Sports Events
  • – Sanctioned Weight Pull Events

The EBKC works to promote ethical breeding and responsible ownership whilst setting a direction to move forward to improving the bull breed’s genetics, traits and characteristics. Giving local representation and defence for the Bull breed to protect it against breed discrimination, give correct information and defence against Country Breed specific legislations, This is one of the main reasons why the EBKC came to exist.

Thank you for your support.

Andrea Selvaggi
President, EBKC